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The Wish Prince is a project of the Rotary Club of Beaverton. It brings the bilingual (Spanish/English) The Wish Prince book to third grade students within the Beaverton School District. The book is a charity project in service to children and building literacy in partnership with the Beaverton Rotary Foundation.

School assemblies are coordinated with school leaders to distribute the books for free. When her schedule permits, Janet Chvatal, the author, joins the assemblies to engage the students with song and inspiration.

The book’s purpose is to help students learn to set goals by following five simple daily steps to develop the mindset and skills to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Secondary objectives are to support reading and to aid the transition from Spanish to English.

The Wish Prince book helps young students learn the 5 core characteristics to help them Live their Dream! The 5 Crown Steps to build and protect your dreams are:

  • Read and Reveal
  • Plan and Prepare
  • Sing and Sleep
  • Act and Assist
  • Repeat and Renew

Music / Música

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Verse1: (Empress)

Your deepest wishes can turn to dreams. Its not so far away as it may seem. You must have courage to share your light.I’m here beside you. We’ll start tonight.

Verso Primero: (Emperatiz)

Tus deseos más profundos pueden convertirse en sueños. No está tan lejos como parece. Debes tener valor para compartir tu luz. Estoy aquí a tu lado. Comenzaremos esta noche.


Let’s live our dreams, create our own tomorrow! Let’s live our dreams! Begin a path that’s new. We just need hope and faith to see it through.Then sure enough, our dreams will all come true. We’ll change the world. I believe in you.


Vivamos nuestros sueños, creemos nuestro propio mañana. ¡Vivamos nuestros sueños! Comienza un camino que sea nuevo. Solo necesitamos esperanza y fe para llevarlo a cabo. Entonces, efectivamente, todos nuestros sueños se harán realidad. Cambiaremos el mundo. Creo en ti.

Verse 2: (King)

As long as we dream we feel alive! No matter what the odds our dreams can survive! Fight for the future, set the past free! Our dreams will soon become reality.

Verso Segundo: (Rey)

¡Mientras soñamos nos sentimos vivos! ¡No importa cuáles sean las probabilidades, nuestros sueños pueden sobrevivir! ¡Lucha por el futuro, libera el pasado! Nuestros sueños pronto se harán realidad.

Final Refrain (All):

Let’s live our dreams, create our own tomorrow!Let’s live our dreams! I’m brave because of you. Together, hold my hand and see the view.For we can fly when all our dreams come true. Up to the sky! Make our dreams come true! Dreams come true!

Estribillo final (Todo):

¡Vivamos nuestros sueños, creemos nuestro propio mañana! ¡Vivamos nuestros sueños! Soy valiente gracias a ti. Juntos, tomen mi mano y vean la vista. Porque podemos volar cuando todos nuestros sueños se hacen realidad. ¡Hasta el cielo! ¡Haz realidad nuestros sueños! ¡Los sueños se hacen realidad!