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The Wish Prince - Guardian of our Dreams

The Wish Prince is a project of the Rotary Club of Beaverton. It brings The Wish Prince bilingual (Spanish/English) book to third grade students within the Beaverton School District. The book is a charity project in service to children and building literacy in partnership with the Beaverton Rotary Foundation. The Wish Prince is provided to the students free of charge during an engaging school assembly.

The book’s purpose is to help students learn to set goals by following five simple daily steps to develop the mindset and skills to achieve their goals and live their dreams. Secondary objectives are to support reading and to aid the transition from Spanish to English.

Janet Chvatal is the principal creative contributor to the Wish Prince Project. Janet received her elementary and secondary education in the Beaverton School District, trained in opera at Boston University College of Fine Arts, and studied opera at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna through winning a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship. Janet has participated in many charitable activities in the Beaverton area and with the Rotary Club of Beaverton.

The Wish Prince Project carries on from prior Wish Prince activities in the Beaverton School District and in Germany. The Wish Prince was first written in German and has been presented to 4,000 students in Germany. In 2019, an English language edition of The Wish Prince was produced, and with the help of members of the Rotary Club of Beaverton, more than 500 copies were given to students in Beaverton schools. This initial effort was supported by the late Howard Hedinger, a Portland philanthropist.

The artfully designed bilingual book will capture students’ interest, encourage daily reading and inspire them to dream big. Another goal is to engage parents and families to become involved and to help their child remember and use the five simple daily steps described in the book. In addition, there will be supplemental materials available to teachers, parents and others on The Wish Prince website including free drawing downloads, songs, and additional methods and ideas to accompany the tools offered in the book.