Rotarians of the Year

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1979 Moore, Rod
1980 Spencer, E. David
1981 Jantzen, Jay D.
1982 Peterson, Collin C.
1983 Lawhead, Earl T.
1983 Crist, William R.
1984 Vorhies, Carl B.
1985 Dunning, David P.
1986 Parker, James A.
1987 Brandon, Robert F.
1988 Tilson, John Q.
1989 Nelson, Richard J.
1990 Faunt, Scott.
1991 Bond, Jayne C.
1992 Blevins, John R.
1993 Peterson, Robert L.
1994 Sellers, Marc K.
1995 Volchok, Larry
1996 Butcher, Darlene
1997 Dobson, Charles C.
1998 Thompson, Anne
1999 Eisler, Gary
2000 Rauh, James R.
2001 Brennan, Terry
2002 Tonges, J. David
2003 Condray, Jerry
2004 Oakes, Gregory
2005 Calouri, Ted
2006 Shoffner, Ralph
2007 Vorhies, Carl B.
2008 Mills, Cathy
2009 Woodworth, Jon
2010 Huot, Christine
2011 Brandon, Bob
2012 Beighley, Ellen
2013 Butson, Elizabeth
2014 LaPlante, John
2015 Butson, Elizabeth
2016 Townsend, Denise
2017 Appel, Frank
2018 Woodworth, Jill
2019 Waggoner, Rich

President's Message
Beaverton Rotary President
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Beaverton website! Please look around. You'll find a lot of information here. As you can see, The Rotary Club of Beaverton is a very active club. If you have questions, please contact us.
Current President, Bob Brandon
Youth Exchange Students
Inbound Student
Facundo Oliva, inbound student from Trevelin, Argentina.
Youth Exchange Logo
Each year, Beaverton Rotary, working with Rotary District 5100, sponsors a student from the Beaverton School District, matched with available exchange countries, to spend his or her junior year of high school in a foreign country. A student from a foreign country then comes to a Beaverton high school for the year.
Club Events