The Beaverton Rotary Foundation

The Foundation is the financial base for most Club Projects and Programs.

  • We have given more than 50,000 Beaverton 4th grade students a personalized dictionary.
  • We have awarded dozens of high school graduates more than $700,000 in post-high school scholarships for college or vocational education.
  • We have shipped over two million books around the world to schools serving children in third world countries.
  • We have distributed nearly $425,000 in grants to our community partners for a variety of projects that may never have come to be without Rotary's help.
  • We sponsored more than 100 Rotary youth exchange students to live a year abroad and learn how to increase world understanding by hosting youth from other countries and with a Rotary family.
  • We have funded nearly $350,000 international grants focused on building capacity for others to create their businesses and become self-sustaining.
  • We donated nearly $350,000 to pay for dental work for economically disadvantaged children in our community.
  • After more than four decades, Rotary's efforts to eradicate polio worldwide is nearly complete.

Beaverton Rotary welcomes anyone in our community to join us in creating a better, more peaceful world.  If you'd like more information go to About us.


100 years of doing good in the world


If you would like to contribute to any specific Foundation Program or Project, enter the title in the 'Reference' box on the form found here:

Officers & Board Members:
Ralph Shoffner, President
Frank Appel, Vice-President
Bob Brandon, Secretary
Steve Schmidt, Treasurer
Doug Whitton, Asst Treasurer
Board Members:
Bill Berg
Bill Crist
Sherre Calouri
Dave Gorton
John LaPlante / Doug Taylor
Denise Townsend
Mike Fuller
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Welcome to the Rotary Club of Beaverton website! Please look around. You'll find a lot of information here. As you can see, The Rotary Club of Beaverton is a very active club. If you have questions, please contact us.
Current President, Denise Townsend
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